What is the weather in Sharm El Sheikh in February?

What is the weather in Sharm El Sheikh in February? Important Tips

The weather in Sharm el-Sheikh in February differs from the January one only by the greater heat at the end of the month. The air temperature begins to gradually rise – if the average daily temperature at the beginning of the month is 22 degrees, then at the end it is already + 25 ° C. At night, it is usually from 12 to 19 degrees Celsius – that is, it is cool.
Record temperatures this month: + 5 ° C (minimum t) and + 33 ° C (maximum t).
Sea water in February in Sharm el-Sheikh is slightly cool – about + 22 ° C.

There is no precipitation this month.
Air humidity is not high – during the day about 26%, and at night, due to moist winds from the sea, about 60%.
Weather in Sharm El Sheikh in February – other
Daylight hours in February increase by half an hour – from 11 to 11 and a half hours.
The sun over Sharm El Sheikh rises from 6:00 to 6:30, and sets from 17: 20 to 17: 40.
The north wind prevails at a speed of up to 8 m / s.
There are about 10 hours of sunshine on a February day.

There is no fog this month.
February weather is not very suitable for those tourists who like to swim in the really warm sea.

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