How to properly care for terry clothes?

Important Tips

Who among us doesn’t like terry clothes? Large fluffy towels, soft warm bathrobes and delicate sheets are simply created to give their owners comfort, warmth and coziness. Buying them or receiving them as a gift, we look forward to the pleasure of pleasant touches to the body of fluffy terry products. But in order for terry towels, sheets and bathrobes to please with their quality as long as possible, you need to be able to properly care for terry products.

Washing after purchase

The new terry cloth needs to be washed. Resist the temptation to immediately put on a new fluffy robe right after you buy it. Firstly, no one has canceled the rules of hygiene, and it is not known who tried on this miracle before you. And secondly, washed in accordance with all the rules, it will become even better: fluffiness and softness will increase, as well as the ability to absorb moisture.

Rules for washing terry clothes

– Terry clothes are washed at a temperature not exceeding 60 degrees Celsius, and terry dressing gowns – not higher than 40 degrees Celsius. But it is best to play it safe and look at the recommended wash temperature on the product label.

– When washing colored terry clothes, do not use bleach or overdo it with fabric softeners. Bleach can discolor your clothes and make them harsh. Excess fabric softener can deprive terry cloths of their ability to absorb moisture. But for this ability we value terry towels and bathrobes!

– Never use chlorine-containing products for the care of terry cloth – it destroys it.

– If you wash terry clothes in the washing machine, be sure to make sure that the drum of the machine is 70-80% full, and there are no clothes inside with hooks and locks that, when rotating, can make holds on the terry. Strong spin in the washing machine is not recommended.

Drying and ironing

In order for the terry product to retain its original splendor and softness, it is advisable to dry them in the open air and not to iron them with a hot iron. Ironing can crush the loops of the terry product, which will have a negative effect on its fluffiness. Drying in a typewriter can cause the item to shrink.

Don’t forget these simple rules for terry clothes, and they will be soft, warm and fluffy for years to come!

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