How to choose the right chain saw

Important Tips

A chain saw is a tool that is a mechanical, portable saw for use in forestry and horticulture. The saw runs on gasoline or electricity, there are also battery types of devices and compressed air. From here and the names of the chainsaw, electric saw, etc. The apparatus consists of a chain, links, an engine, a body, a starting mechanism, a tire and additional removable elements.

Chainsaw variety

All chain saws can be divided into two types:

– Gasoline saws;

– Electric saws, divided into cordless and powered by the mains. The professional ones are distinguished by their durability and powerful engine. Farm saws are an average option, which is between professional and household appliances in terms of indicators.

All of them differ in characteristics, there are advantages and disadvantages.

Pros of a chain saw

This powerful machine can handle large volumes of cant and logs in a short time. He is able not only to cut down trees and clear them of branches, but also to perform more delicate work, thanks to:

– Long term of uninterrupted work;

– Have excellent ergonomic performance;

– Stylish design;

– Safe with careful work in compliance with safety regulations;

– Solid assembly from modern durable materials;

– Wide range of;

– Affordable cost.

How to choose the right electric and chainsaw

– Choosing a chain saw, you need to focus on the manufacturer, power and type of equipment. The most important thing when choosing to know its purpose, for what purpose you take it. It is not worth buying a super-powerful unit for pruning branches in the garden. Why overpay for power and options that you are not using for their intended purpose.

– A chainsaw has more power than an electric one. When you use the saw every day, be guided by the petrol-powered options. The advantage of such models is that they work in any place where there is no power grid.

– Electric saws are cheaper, but they do not require constant monitoring whether the tank is full, and also does not have exhaust odors during operation.

– Pay attention to the model by type: edging and felling. The latter are made for felling trees, they have a wider tire, high power and larger dimensions. The pruning model is designed for cutting branches.

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