How to choose clothes for overweight

How to choose clothes for overweight Important Tips

We are all different, there are thin women, there are fat women, but both always want to be fashionable and stylish. Of course, it is much easier for thin women to choose clothes for themselves, but designers also take care of overweight women, and every season they release new fashionable clothes for overweight women, you just need to learn how to choose the right clothes for yourself. And we hope that our tips on how to choose clothes for the fat ones will help you with this.

So, the first thing I want to talk about is shoes. Overweight women are highly recommended to wear high-heeled shoes, so you visually lengthen your silhouette and appear slimmer. Just choose stable heels, it is desirable that they are wide, but you will have to refuse stilettos. The fact is that when a plump woman puts on hairpins, it feels like these hairpins under her are about to break.

Also pay more attention to the various thin bands. Designers and stylists believe that a thin belt at the waist distracts attention from full hips and accentuates it at the waist.

As for skirts for obese women, this year skirts just below the knee are still in fashion, but if you have beautiful legs, then it is permissible to wear a skirt on the palm of your hand above the knee, but not shorter.

Continuing the conversation about skirts, I want to say that you pay attention to pencil skirts, such skirts are ideal for obese women, as they again focus on the waist and hide the belly and hips. The pencil skirt should not be short, the permissible length is slightly above the knee.

A jacket has been in fashion for more than one season, it is especially recommended to wear it for overweight women, and it is not necessary to be a business woman for this. Blazers today are an attribute of a casual suit, and to make it slimmer, choose a hip-length blazer. These jackets perfectly mask the belly and hips, and emphasize the beautiful breasts.

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