How to choose a water heated towel rail for your bathroom?

Important Tips

It is difficult to imagine a bathroom without modern plumbing, which includes heated towel rails. These devices are used for drying underwear and towels, and they are also often used as a heating device. Water dryers are considered to be more economical, so they are most often installed in bathrooms. They are also available in two forms: a ladder and a coil. It is believed that the ladder is more convenient to use, since it can dry a lot more things that are distributed along the entire length. Plus, such a heated towel rail has a large heating area, which means that the room will be much warmer. As for the drying coil, it has a lower cost and is easy to install.

Unlike a ladder, for a coil device, you do not need to redo the riser. The water heated towel rail is easily connected to the heating system, so there is no need to install additional equipment. Thus, the process of installation and operation is facilitated. The heated towel rail is connected not only to the heating system, but also to the hot water supply. When choosing this unit, it is important to pay attention to its appearance and material of manufacture. It should be noted that today on sale there are combined models of similar devices that are connected according to the same principle as the ladder. In this case, serpentine pipes are added to the heated towel rail, thereby facilitating the operation of the device.

An important criterion when choosing such a unit is its size, that is, the number of sections (tubes). The standard distance between the device connections is fifty millimeters. There are models of heated towel rails, in which the distance along the centers of the liners varies from three hundred to seven hundred millimeters. Also, such devices differ in width and height, which ranges from four hundred to 1200 millimeters. It is important that this appliance blends harmoniously with the bathroom interior and complements other plumbing fixtures. Heated towel rails are made from the following materials:

– Stainless steel

– Copper

– Black steel.

Devices made of copper are considered to be the strongest and most durable, but devices made of black steel are still more affordable.

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