How to choose a summer wedding dress

How to choose a summer wedding dress Important Tips

Many girls dream of getting married in the summer, when the weather is warm, sunny, and nature amazes with a riot of colors. But, despite all the charms, a summer wedding can bring a lot of trouble to the bride, especially in choosing a wedding dress.

When choosing a wedding dress for a summer wedding, you need to take into account the heat, the scorching sun and high humidity, and if the dress is chosen incorrectly, this can cause discomfort and bad mood for the bride, which, of course, cannot be allowed.

Basically, wedding dresses for summer should have a large neckline and bare shoulders. For example, Greek wedding dresses are in fashion right now, which are the best fit for a summer wedding. You can also choose dresses with thin straps or without them at all. If you choose a dress with a strap over the neck, then you must be sure that the dress itself is not too heavy and does not make breathing difficult.

Opt for bridal gowns made from lightweight fabrics, as heavy embroidered corsets and bulky skirts will cause you a lot of inconvenience.

But the heat shouldn’t change your plans. If you have always dreamed of a special fluffy dress or a floor-length dress, then buy just such, just pick up a light fabric that will not cause you any inconvenience. For example, a fluffy dress for summer can be made of organza, tulle or tulle, but wedding dresses made of satin or taffeta with a lot of ruffles are best left for a wedding in the fall or winter.

You also need to take into account temperature differences in your area. If it’s hot enough during the day and cool in the evening, then choose a dress with a cape or with a bolero.

Some designers recommend buying two wedding dresses at once, in one of which you will pose for the camera, and in the second light dress you can change before a banquet.

And the last, when choosing a wedding dress, see if additional crinoline skirts are attached to it. Such dresses are, no doubt, very beautiful, but in summer they will be very hot and uncomfortable in them.

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