How to apply a horseshoe in your home

How to apply a horseshoe in your home Important Tips

You have met a lot of different mascots. Horseshoe is one of them. The oldest and most famous talisman that promises to bring you good luck, success and wealth. If you become the proud owner of an ownerless rusty horseshoe lying on the road, consider that you are the lucky one who is lucky. Together with this, unsightly at first glance, happiness will knock on your house.

What exactly will come to your home?

– Luck and success;

– Blessing of higher powers;

– Fulfillment of your most cherished desire;

– Achieving prosperity;

– Possession of all kinds of earthly and unearthly wealth;

– Peace and harmony in all your relationships with the outside world;

– Health and success in love affairs.

But with the search for a horseshoe, things are much more complicated. You can turn to shops for help, or you can follow the video instructions and forge a horseshoe-talisman-talisman yourself.

There is more than one legend about the happiness brought by the horseshoe. For the first time this belief in a horseshoe appeared in ancient times in Egypt. At that time, the horseshoes for the horses of great people were made in gold. If a poor man managed to find such a lost horseshoe, then the Gods actually gave him good luck.

Usually, seeing off guests, they wished them a threshold that would never be left without a horseshoe. Belief in the luck and happiness brought by the horseshoe existed and continues its life to this day among many peoples, including and Slavic.

How should one deal with a horseshoe in order for it to show its wonderful properties?

– You can nail the horseshoe with the tips up. In this case, your home will be filled with prosperity and prosperity.

– We nail the ends down, and you are protected from all evil.

– We attach a horseshoe to your favorite car and you will be successful along the way.

– If the horseshoe lies on the windowsill with horns in the direction of the house, then expect a cash profit.

Of course, this is all subjective. The main thing is faith in yourself, in your strengths, luck and success, which will come to you in any case. With or without a horseshoe. What we wish you! Let everyone have their own horseshoe!

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