How much should a month-old baby eat?

How much should a month-old baby eat? Important Tips

Nutrition plays an important role in the development of a newborn baby. It is not in vain that the baby is weighed monthly. Weight gain is one of the important indicators. Its compliance with the developed standards allows the pediatrician to draw conclusions about the correct development of the child. Mothers need to know how much food the baby should eat in order to determine his condition, to make sure that the child is doing well.

At birth, children have different weights, and therefore it is quite difficult to correctly determine how much food a child needs for saturation. Therefore, the norms are developed for newborns from one month of age, when the needs of babies are equalized.

For a month, the child should gain about 20% in weight. Some deviations from the norm are allowed. It is also taken into account whether the newborn is breastfed or artificially fed, whether he had any diseases during this period. Babies in the first month of life can gain from 600 g to 1 kilogram. If a child who has put on less weight than normal eats well, there should be no reason for concern for the parents.

When breastfeeding, it is almost impossible to find out how much a child eats. When the baby is full, he stops sucking on his own. Such babies usually do not have deviations from the norm. Now doctors do not give strict recommendations about the number of feedings. They must be carried out at the request of the child.

If a newborn is fed with formula, parents need to adhere to the developed feeding norms. Of course, each child’s appetite may differ, but it is advisable to make sure that the baby eats 90-120 ml of the mixture during one feeding. Such nutrition provides the child with the correct development and weight gain in accordance with the norms.

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